Body Positivity and the Fight against Appearance and Performance Enhancing Drugs 

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Body Positivity

It’s become increasingly clear that appearance and performance enhancing drugs are not just for professional, or even student-athletes. The average age for first time anabolic steroid users is only 15 years old High school girls are the fastest growing user group. The top three reasons that young people report that they turn to these substances […]

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Taylor’s Story: Part 1

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Taylor, my youngest son, was two weeks past his 17th birthday when he committed suicide. His mom found him hanging on the door in his bedroom with two belts fashioned into a noose. Taylor, a 6’3″, 175-pound pitcher at Plano West High School in Plano, TX, appeared to have everything a teenager could desire: popularity, […]

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Welcome to Our Brand New All Me League Blog

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As the widely recognized national leader on the topic of youth Appearance and Performance Enhancing Drug (APED) use by youth, I feel it is way past time that we create a place where we can share our insights and opinions into the ever-increasing APED problem. 13 years after losing our 17 year-old son, Taylor, to […]

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