RE: Digital Citizens Alliance Report on Digital Platforms Enabling the Sale of Illegal Appearance and Performance-Enhancing Drugs

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“This is a bone-chilling report and should serve as a call to action for these popular digital platforms that the advertising and sale of these extremely dangerous and illegal substances on their sites must stop. It’s time for these digital platforms, like Facebook and Google, to stop turning a blind eye and to stop allowing, […]

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Should we really be drinking all those Energy Drinks?

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Energy Drinks

On April 26, 2017, sixteen-year-old Davis Allen Crepe consumed a large diet soda, a large latte, and an energy drink within a short time frame. Two hours later he went into cardiac arrest and died. In June of 2014, sixteen-year-old Lanna Hamann was vacationing with family and friends in Mexico when she went into cardiac […]

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What is a Hoot’s Chalk Talk?

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Over 1 Million People Reached Enlightening people about the truths that surround anabolic steroids, dietary supplements, and other appearance and performance enhancing substances is what we do at the Taylor Hooton Foundation. We’ve been delivering our Hoot’s Chalk Talk education programs in school auditoriums, gyms, and other venues across the US since 2003. To date, […]

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The NIH Will Address an Emerging National Health Crisis

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Hidden In Plain Sight

The Taylor Hooton Foundation is hosting a public forum at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C. by the world’s foremost authorities on Appearance and Performance Enhancing Substances. Why? The use of Appearance and Performance Enhancing Substances in the general public, particularly among youth, is emerging as a national health crisis. Current research shows that […]

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Welcome to Our Brand New All Me League Blog

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As the widely recognized national leader on the topic of youth Appearance and Performance Enhancing Drug (APED) use by youth, I feel it is way past time that we create a place where we can share our insights and opinions into the ever-increasing APED problem. 13 years after losing our 17 year-old son, Taylor, to […]

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