What is a Hoot’s Chalk Talk?

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Over 1 Million People Reached

Enlightening people about the truths that surround anabolic steroids, dietary supplements, and other appearance and performance enhancing substances is what we do at the Taylor Hooton Foundation. We’ve been delivering our Hoot’s Chalk Talk education programs in school auditoriums, gyms, and other venues across the US since 2003. To date, we’ve spoken directly to well over 1 million youth and their adult influencers (parents, coaches, teachers, physicians, and more.)

Our work is more important than it has ever been, because the problem is bigger than it has ever been! According to the most recent national surveys, 7% of high school students admit to using anabolic steroids. Over 10% admit to using hGH. And, over 35% are regularly using dietary supplements – 25% of which contain anabolic steroids and other banned substances. And, the problem is growing.

As a not for profit company, the Taylor Hooton Foundation’s primary line of business is scheduling and delivering Hoot’s Chalk Talk programs to as many people as possible as cost effectively as possible. Our primary target has been schools – middle schools, high schools and colleges. We call each school and line up a time and date to deliver our program. In many cases, we will deliver multiple programs at a school in one day. The school may break up the student body into multiple groups. Or, we may be asked to deliver a special program to the athletes, to the teachers, guidance counselors, etc.


Engaging Education that Saves Lives

We receive great feedback from adults that attend our programs. We’ve had a number of leaders tell us that this is the best program they’ve ever heard presented to their students! Why? First, this is a subject that is immensely curious to most people. It is a topic that is cloaked in mystery and rumors. People are in search of the truth and we deliver that to them. Second, we have worked very hard over the years to make our programs light-hearted and highly entertaining, even when we’re addressing this serious topic. With a good mix of storytelling and multi-media presentation materials, we rarely have anyone going to sleep on us or texting on their phones during our presentations.

New Nutrition & Supplement Safety Program

We’ve also expanded the subject matter that we cover in our programs. Research tells us that the primary reason that people decide to use these substances is to “look better” so that they can feel better about themselves. In response to that, we now address the subjects of nutrition and supplement safety with our new Hoot’s Chalk Talk: Nutrition and Supplement Safety education program. We began by hiring an expert in this subject area – Tavis Piattoly, formerly head sports dietitian with the New Orleans Saints and Pelicans organizations. Tavis has led the way in creating a program that educates youth and adults about the realities of dietary supplements and the importance of nutrition for sustainable health. Our speakers communicate how nutrition is a solution for fueling the body properly and creating a food first culture for healthy lifestyles. Click here to learn more about our nutrition program.

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