Suicide Is Never a Joke

posted on May 19th 2017 in All Blogs & Current Events with 0 Comments /

In the wake of the recent death by suicide of famed NFL player and prisoner Aaron Hernandez, a number of citizens took to the airwaves and pages of various media to post sarcasm and jokes about his death.

As the father of a young man whose life was cut short by suicide, I can tell you that the families of all of those who commit suicide NEVER appreciate people joking about others who committed suicide regardless of what kind of human being they were.

Make no mistake about it, Aaron Hernandez was not a Saint. And, there are many who had no love lost for this man. But, Mr. Hernandez had a family and without ever knowing them, I can assure you that they don’t appreciate the jokes, the sarcasm, or other nasty statements that make light of their loss.

Please think the other people that will get hurt when you publicly make fun of their loved one’s lost life.

about the author: Don Hooton