The NIH Will Address an Emerging National Health Crisis

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The Taylor Hooton Foundation is hosting a public forum at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C. by the world’s foremost authorities on Appearance and Performance Enhancing Substances.

Why? The use of Appearance and Performance Enhancing Substances in the general public, particularly among youth, is emerging as a national health crisis. Current research shows that as many as four million Americans have used these substances which are associated with serious social, psychosocial and medical consequences. Despite this, the health care community has yet to fully respond as protocols and procedures required to diagnose and treat users have not been developed.

From the Athletic Fields into the Fabric of Our Society

The use of Appearance and Performance Enhancing Substances has moved from the athletic fields into the social fabric of our society. No longer just about competing in sports, a primary driver of the use of these substances is a desire to look better and to feel better about one’s self. While we are all familiar with these obsessive desires as expressed by behaviors like anorexia and bulimia, few are familiar with the emerging epidemic of ‘bigorexia,’ the obsessive desire for a fit body. And there is an associated physical and emotional toll for a generation that is relying on these substances as a crutch to achieve their goal.

Currently, and sadly, there are no medical protocols in existence that provide physicians with the proven steps they should take to diagnose and treat users of anabolic steroids and other Appearance and Performance Enhancing Substances. This helps explain why after taking Taylor to four different doctors when he was suffering from his use of steroids, none of these doctors recognized the problem or knew how to treat him. This lack of knowledge ultimately cost him his life.

Goals and Topics

We are assembling some of the world’s foremost experts on this subject to discuss this topic and drive towards solutions. Our goals:

1. To present current research findings on use patterns and health consequences

2. Identify the gaps in research

3. Determine education awareness strategies and treatment regimens

The topics that will be discussed:

· Scope of Problem

· Medical Consequences

· Neuropsychiatric Effects

· Body Dysmorphia as a Use Driver

· Current State of Medical Treatment

· Current Availability of Education Resources

Our hope is that this Forum will be first of many steps in the long process of driving the Federal Government and Medical Community to deal with this emerging health epidemic.

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