Body Positivity and the Fight against Appearance and Performance Enhancing Drugs 

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It’s become increasingly clear that appearance and performance enhancing drugs are not just for professional, or even student-athletes.

  • The average age for first time anabolic steroid users is only 15 years old
  • High school girls are the fastest growing user group.
  • The top three reasons that young people report that they turn to these substances is:

            1.  To look better.
            2.  To feel better about themselves.
            3.  To improve athletic performance.

  • Body image issues among boys, girls and non-athletes are increasing the demand for the use of performance enhancing drugs. Young teens are turning to dangerous and illegal substances to achieve what they consider their ideal body image; even if it’s unrealistic and unobtainable.
  • Many people turn to dietary supplements to find their answers to losing weight, gaining muscle or needing more energy.  What most people don’t realize is 25% of over the counter dietary supplements are tainted with banned and sometimes illegal drugs!

High School AthleteOne movement that has gotten well-deserved coverage in the media is body positivity. Being body positive is to accept your body as it is and attempt to make other people feel comfortable in their own skin as well. Gaining control of your self-perceived body image is important for mental health and setting realistic goals for health, nutrition and physical fitness. The Body Positive organization has been spreading this message since 1996.

However, body positivity movement on social media has actually highlighted how important body image is in our society and how severe and deep the issues run. This is where more education among parents and teachers is needed in order to help our children make responsible, healthy decisions for their bodies. Otherwise, this instant-gratification-obsessed generation of kids will use whatever substances, no matter how harmful, that will allow them to reach their goals as fast as possible with no regard to the long-term consequences.

The All Me® League and Taylor Hooton Foundation were created in order to combat these issues in schools, locker rooms, and gyms across North America. We must provide our youth and young adults the knowledge to make the right decision and the tools to achieve their goals the right way.  It’s equally important that we’re educating parents, coaches, teacher and other adult influencers about these topics so that they’re able to talk to their kids about this problem.

A bottle of mysterious pills or powder cannot replace the amazing effects of good nutrition, safe supplementation and regular exercise. Some of the best Major League Baseball players have voluntarily stepped forward to be visible role models for our young people by joining the THF All Me® League.

Together, we must inspire people so that they too can reach the pinnacle of their goals in life and can do it without the use of drugs.  It just takes hard work and determination to get there.

The Taylor Hooton Foundation has put together two highly entertaining education programs, one that focuses on the dangers of appearance and performance enhancing drugs and the other about nutrition and supplement safety.

To inquire about scheduling one of our education programs program to educate your students, staff, or parents please click here.

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