#AllMePEDFree at Spring Training in Arizona

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Greetings from Arizona!

Another year to visit the Phoenix area to visit with those MLB teams that are members of the Cactus League. In particular, we are here to meet with members of our All Me League Advisory Board.

IMG_1999Our day started with free breakfast in the lobby of the Holiday Inn Express in Tempe. We headed out for a 45-minute drive to see the LA Dodgers. We arrived at Dodgers camp and walked through their beautiful facility to the practice fields where the players were taking infield and then batting practice under brilliant clear blue skies. We did a quick search of the players on the field and quickly spotted both of our All Me players, Clayton Kershaw and Logan Forsythe. Clayton was practicing infield plays with the other Dodger pitchers and Logan was positioned at 3rd base.

We watched the team practice while sitting inside the 3rd base dugout. It wasn’t long before Logan came into dugout for a drink of water. He gave us a big smile and a hug and agreed to look me up right after they finished their practice. The Dodgers media manager arranged to meet us outside the stadium immediately before their game with the Brewers that started at 1:05.

My meetings with Logan and Clayton went as planned. We gave them both nice, printed copies of their All Me PED Free PSA ads that are designed to be printed in the team game programs. In addition, we gave them both All Me shirts and hope they will wear them while they are in the Clubhouse and working out with their colleagues that they play with. Clayton kindly autographed one of our All Me PSA prints so that we can include this very nice item in one of our fund raising auctions. We took photos with them both before departing to Surprise, AZ to see the Texas Rangers. It’s always one of my favorite stops.


Because the Rangers are our local team, we know more of the Rangers players and staff than any of the other teams, with the possible exception of the NY Yankees. We arrived at the Rangers complex about 2:00PM. After parking, we headed to the practice fields. We arrived in time to watch the whole team practicing various infield plays. The pitchers rotated on and off the mound while the coaches hit the ball into different locations on the field under various situations.


All three of our All Me players were on the field: Elvis Andrus, Dillon Gee, and Tyson Ross. We wound up with 3 players on the Rangers as a result of this year’s trades. Dillon was traded from the NY Mets. Tyson Ross came to the Rangers from the San Diego Padres. As with the Dodgers, we presented the players with shirts and copies of their PSAs and took photos. Elvis autographed an extra copy of our print PSA for use in our auctions.


In addition to the players, we visited with John Blake, the head Media Manager for the Rangers. Also, with Jamie Reed – the Rangers Medical Director. They all seem to love and support what we do.

Exhausted and tired from being in the Arizona heat all day, we stopped at a Carrabas restaurant for a glass of wine and a nice meal on our one hour drive back to the hotel. We had a cigar and some conversation before hitting the sack.

Tomorrow, we’re off to see the Brewers and the Reds. We have an on field, home plate ceremony planned that will take place immediately before the Reds play the Cubs. We will present a copy of our All Me print PSA to our Reds rep Adam Duval.

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