PHOENIX, AZ - MAY 13:  Anthony Rendon #6 of the Washington Nationals hits a single against the Arizona Diamondbacks during the eighth inning of the MLB game at Chase Field on May 13, 2014 in Phoenix, Arizona. The Diamondbacks defeated the Nationals 3-1.  (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)

18 Apr 2017

The NIH Will Address an Emerging National Health Crisis

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Hidden In Plain Sight
The Taylor Hooton Foundation is hosting a public forum at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C. by the world’s foremost authorities on Appearance and Performance Enhancing Substances. Why? The use of Appearance and Performance Enhancing Substances in the general public, particularly among youth, is emerging as a national health crisis. Current research shows that […]
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24 Mar 2017

#AllMePEDFree at Spring Training in Arizona

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Greetings from Arizona! Another year to visit the Phoenix area to visit with those MLB teams that are members of the Cactus League. In particular, we are here to meet with members of our All Me League Advisory Board. Our day started with free breakfast in the lobby of the Holiday Inn Express in Tempe. […]
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14 Mar 2017

Jared Hughes Reveals Why He Is All Me PED Free

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Pittsburgh Pirates Jared Hughes
This morning I woke up in Tampa rested and ready to tackle the day. After grabbing a quick breakfast, we were on the road to Bradenton, FL to welcome our newest member of our MLB Advisory Board, Pittsburgh Pirates’ Jared Hughes. A couple of years ago I was spending the afternoon with my wife Chelsey […]
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9 Mar 2017

Catching Up With 3 All Me Players From the Astros

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Houston Astros Spring Training 2017
We woke up this morning in Port Saint Lucie on the East coast of Florida. Having repacked my bag with All Me t-shirts and tank tops for our All Me players, I grabbed a cup of coffee and loaded the car. On the way to the ballpark we stopped in a little restaurant located in […]
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8 Mar 2017

Meeting With the Tigers and Phillies at Spring Training

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Spring Training Detroit Tigers
This morning I woke up in Tampa, FL excited to head to Lakeland to meet with our MLB Advisory Board Member from the Detroit Tigers, James McCann. The weather this morning was 70 degrees, and there wasn’t a cloud in the sky. On the way to the ballpark we stopped at Mom’s Place for breakfast. […]
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2 Mar 2017


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Old Baseball and Bat
The tragic deaths of Taylor Hooton and Rob Garibaldi, because of their use of anabolic steroids, served as catalysts for the formation of the Taylor Hooton Foundation and have been documented in the new book, Suicide Squeeze (Temple University Press), by author and long-time educator, Bill Kashatus. “We are excited about the release of Bill […]
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10 Feb 2017

Taylor’s Story: Part 1

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Taylor, my youngest son, was two weeks past his 17th birthday when he committed suicide. His mom found him hanging on the door in his bedroom with two belts fashioned into a noose. Taylor, a 6’3″, 175-pound pitcher at Plano West High School in Plano, TX, appeared to have everything a teenager could desire: popularity, […]
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7 Feb 2017

How big is the youth APED problem? Vol. 2

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High School Volleyball Match In Gymnasium
In my first blog post on this subject, I shared the most current data that exists on anabolic steroid usage among high school students. To review, the current data shows that about 7% of high school students admit to using anabolic steroids. Let’s look at some associated data that makes this high school data more […]
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20 Jan 2017

The JAMA On Men’s Body Image Issues

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Body Image weightlifting
Current Events: “More research is needed to address the critical health problems associated with the use of anabolic-androgenic steroids among American men.” When our son Taylor died in 2003, we had taken him to three different doctors in the weeks/months leading up to his death. A family physician, a dermatologist and a psychiatrist. Two of […]
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17 Jan 2017

How big is the youth APED problem? Vol. 1

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High School Basketball Team Playing Game
Market research shows that few adults are aware of the scope of the youth anabolic steroid problem. Most believe that steroid use is limited to professional athletes. Few are aware that so many of our high school and college students are actively using Appearance and Performance Enhancing Drugs (APEDs) like anabolic steroids and other similar […]
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12 Jan 2017

Welcome to Our Brand New All Me League Blog

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Steroid Injection
As the widely recognized national leader on the topic of youth Appearance and Performance Enhancing Drug (APED) use by youth, I feel it is way past time that we create a place where we can share our insights and opinions into the ever-increasing APED problem. 13 years after losing our 17 year-old son, Taylor, to […]
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